24 May 2011

Water Rafting KKB

Water rafting at Kuala Kubu Bharu on 22nd ended successfully.
Some got minor scratches but yet they still smiling.
The best part is, we help the guide to pull out the raft stucked at the big rock. That was fun.
Will do it again next time.

p/s : malas nak upload gambar banyak2. hehe


Mehmed - said...

aduh..macam nyesal tak pegi heheh!

janggout said...

best wei. kome le sombong xmo folo

qalamunir said...


make sure whatever activity you undertake, it contributes to not only strengthening your physical self But also your inner self. So, niah is important. Secondly, how does it brings u nearer to Allah? Coz nothing must be done vainly without purpose.

Julian Si said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog about Sipadan/Mabul/Mataking.

I honestly can't remember now! Its been so long.

However, you can contact my friend who runs a dive centre - WILLscuba at 012-2868193.

Have fun!