10 November 2010

My Hero's Birthday

Selamat Hari Lahir ke-57.
Heroku Wan Abdullah Sabary Bin Hj Wan Harun.
Semoga sentiasa dalam perlindungan dan dipanjangkan umur.
I lap u lah ayah.


mohammad said...

salam ziarah

janggout said...

salam.. terima kasih sudi ziarah teratak usang ni

starry~ said...

hapy bestday uncle

qalamunir said...

Muiz,just visit yor place. Thanks 4 yor good wishes. Reachin 57 is an achievement provided that we did good things to ourselves & contribute aplenty of altruistic work to improve our society 4 the sake of Allah. Or else it's just merely numbers. Age consist of many different levels: chronological, biological, psychological & emotional. So whatever the number will be, the most important age r the b,p,e. Coz that really determine what u r at any particular number. BUT still spending life 4 the pleasure of Allah.

Starry Dear, thanx and hope u r happy spendin life meetin the purpose of creation.