12 August 2010


The more knowledge you have, the greater will be your fear to Allah.


qalamunir said...

There's what u called True & False knowledge. True Knowledge is based on Wahyu [scriptures]- False Knowledge is based on postulates[assumptions]. In Islam there're 3 types of knowledge that is beneficial to mankind :-
#Aqidah; Syariah; Tasawuf.
These will help mankind to exalt and accomplish jannah.
Unlike the Orientalists, they seek knowledge on Islam not bec they want to find the Truth but to use it against Islam. Islamology to them will be use as a weapon to destroy the creed sent upon mankind by alMighty Allah. So those who fear God are those who posess true knowledge and x the ontological ones !!! Shud U want to get xtra xplanation - call mR goOgLes au Mr Wiki. To be more profound certainly U hav to learn from ... yr dAD! Salaamun 'alaika.

Razman said...

ringkas n padat. thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Semoga berbahagia Abdul Muiz walaupun di mana anda berada.