20 June 2010

Selamat Hari Bapa

Dear Wan Abdullah Sabary Bin Hj Wan Harun.
Happy Fathers Day!!

Ada masa jom kita pergi memancing.


Anonymous said...

DeAr MuIz,

U shud return home and meet me & Co during Fat Her's Day. We can together walk d memory lane. The time is short 4 everbody. Of course we can go phishing...but be sure to catch a big pish in the river , not from the pond.

Anyway thanx 4 your rememberance...and let distance endearth luv and brotherhood..


starry said...

sweetnya ucapan :)
nape x balik jumpa ayahnye.. iskkk

unie said...

wahh.. everyday is Father's Day for me :) show your love and warmth in the remaining days with him. he misses you my dear lil brother. yeah, walk down the memory lane and what not. remember the day you've been staying at the hospital? really creepy eh?

p/s : tot of goin to FM yesterday but he said can't go sbb i x habih confinement. wawawawaaaa..