25 June 2010


Arab student sends an e-mail to his dad saying

Dear Dad,

Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and I really like it here, but Dad, I am bit ashamed to arrive to my college with my Gold Mercedes, when all my Teachers travel by train.

Your Son

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Nasser gets reply to his e-mail from his Dad:

Loving son,

Twenty Million Dollars transferred to your account, please stop embarrassing us, go and get yourself a train too.

Your Dad


qalamunir said...


that is what we called fleeting @lias squandering on worldly things - the life a la rich & dumb...

Of course U can change your bike for a car ! Elevate yourself in terms of everythin ... imani as well as material gains & good deeds..

this life requires 4 significant items/things : good wife; good residence; good friends & good vehicle [u don't need a train don't u?].

janggout said...

kalau nak superbike boleh tak? hehe

unie said...

muiz ni, dh kasi betis mau peha kah? banyak hensem :P at your age i guess ppl are slowly settling down. find yourself a good wife, save money for rainy days and buy a car! wanna buy mine? wanna switch to honda/mitsu lol.

WASH said...


superbaik is ok but x superbike! Remember, evrythin has to be earned.It does'nt come rollin. Hidayah also has to follow same process. To be learned man also needs to undergo hardship & patience. Life needs strong determination n will. Hereafter needs 10 folds or more to succeed, coz of satanic derailment will happen evry momen if U r x careful.
Do U reckon this ? salam.

This is x a sermon.

starry said...

:) beli lori nampak cool hehe~

janggout said...

@yong : i mmg hensem pe. haha. kemain lg nk tukar honda/mitsu. i xminat gen2. haha

@dad : sy dlm proses. ehe

@starry : lori balak? sambil main drift? hoho

wash said...


proces must evolve n escalate not a stand still one. it brings change due 2 profound understandin of the meaning of existence. staying on the same spot evry momen n time/ day n nite/ week n month does'nt mean anythin. this is what we call deterioration @ decay.